Peter du Plessis

Took my console in for repair, having been let down by companies closer to where I stay. Planet Gaming serviced my console, repaired it promptly, and did it for far less than what I was quoted elsewhere. These guys are awesome! 10/10


I took my PlayStation 4 in to Planet Gaming last week Thursday for a repair/replacement on my HDMI port. Not only did those dudes give me a great price in comparison to other places. They fixed it up for me in less than a day, Where as other places could only promise me 3-5 working days.

Wesley Cameron

Awesome guy. I knew exactly what's wrong with my ps4, it just needed a new ribbon cable. He gave it to me for free as I said I'd install it myself. 2 minutes later the disk drive is working, ps4 is back on track and nice and clean from the opening! Thanks for the help!!! I owe you guys for the cable! I recommend anyone to go here. They will sort you out fast

Sibongile magcai

a month ago They were thorough, quick and even managed to fix the stove while checking appliances affected by a power surge . They really understand their mandate and execute it well.

Suzan Kgobe

Suzan Kgobe Local Guide·36 reviews·1 photo 2 months ago The service was super quick and efficient. Took my son's PS4 controllers for repairs. I love that they dont charge for assessment


Preshan Christiano Pillay 9 reviews·11 photos 3 months ago Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Thank you Decide and Joseph for your awesome and professional service. You gents are role models and leaders in this society where good service is zero to none. Keep up the excellent customer service. Definitely ambassadors for Planet Gaming.

Dexter Mino

dexter mino 1 review 8 months ago i took my console and my TV to planet gaming. These guys fixed both in a space of 3 days. I called another place they wanted to take 6 weeks to fix the console. These guys are always on point in terms of prices and customer care. I highly recommend this Team. They have the proper equipment and laboratory. Try them

Eddy Rikhotso

Eddy Rikhotso 1 review 5 months ago Positive: Responsiveness I took my PS3 that had a power unit failure, positive "Can Do" attitude. No bureaucracy where you must book an item for even a 15-minute-to-fix fault.

Kamlan Moodley

Kamlan Moodley 21 reviews·21 photos a year ago Most honest owner I have ever met. Tested my console and found nothing wrong and could have charged me for it as I did not know any better. Just needed to change the hdmi cable. Would recommend these guys to fix your gaming console anytime!!!

Werner Herrmannsen

werner herrmannsen Local Guide·173 reviews·23 photos a year ago The service was amazing. They stayed late to help me with my problem. Its companies like this that make a deference. There are other repair shops closer to me but the service and friendly staff make it worth it. Good job guys. Keep it up.


George De Bruyn 6 reviews 4 months ago Excellent service, very friendly people. Repaired my TV on time and at a very reasonable price. The owner of the business goes out of his way to be of help. I will recommend that my friends and family make use of this company in the future.

Kim Seckel

kim seckel 2 reviews a month ago ITook in a PlayStation 4 for my son to be fixed.the disc was stuck and it was not reading I was very impressed at how fast it was fixed . Professional, super cool and friendly people. And I was happy for the price I was charged All thanks to Planet Gaming 🙏

Hilton Kay

Hilton Kay - HK5 1 review 2 weeks agoNEW I took my console too a place in Boksburg too repair my machine and too try and get it repaired but then I took it to planet gaming and they showed me where they had damaged the tracks on the console and they repair anything electronically and they fixed my console in a day and were friendly staff

Zaheer Letang

Zaheer Letang 7 reviews 6 months ago Sent in my ps4 because it wasn't displaying a picture anymore ,I was skeptical at first because they were the first store I found online ,after a week of waiting and hoping for the best , I got it back and it works 100 percent for the first time in 2 years ,I couldn't be happier ,thanks guys for sorting out my problem, will definitely recommend yall to friends

Leon Mwaps

Leon Mwaps 9 reviews·7 photos 6 months ago Awesome guy and very friendly, my Ps4 was fixed within 5 minutes

Amir Karim

Amir Karim 1 review a week agoNEW Literally amazing work by the team here, got my xbox sorted with a few hours

Massimo Vecchio

Massimo Vecchio 1 review a week ago NEW Awesome service fixed my Xbox controller in 5 minutes when everyone said we needed a new one

Fabio Gouveia

Fabio Gouveia 2 reviews 2 weeks agoNEW Brilliant service. Brought my PlayStation 4 in for repair of the disk drive and got it back in less than a day!!! The disks are finally going into the PlayStation smoothly !!